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List Linux Vm’s that had VmTools status as Mounted and Being installed

For Vmware Maintenance tasks we are often get held by the Linux VM’s where we cannot VMotion them due to the Tools status that is currently showing as “Being installed”  though there is no such task being performed at that time or the task may have already been completed.   1. Get-Cluster | Get-VM | Read more about List Linux Vm’s that had VmTools status as Mounted and Being installed[…]

Wish List for 2015 Thanksgiving

This year, i would be expecting to do a lot more shopping.. Samsung 950 Pro SSD NVMe 512GB(Pre-Ordered from B&H – Will lookout for better deal). PCIe to M2 Adapter for NVMe(Bought Lycom..) Gaming Mouse(yet to decide on the model). RGB Gaming keyboard(Bought logitech G910 from BB and looking to exchange if i had a great deal Read more about Wish List for 2015 Thanksgiving[…]

Asus ROG G752

Really Cool Product especially for Gamers looking for portability(Kind Off)… 64GB DDR4  and NVMe support is what i am interested in.. HomeLabs anywhere everywhere.. Courtesy:- VentureBeat

Home Lab – Visio Drawings

Been using my VMware Home-Lab for a while, but recently with the NSX,VCLoud it made quite a bit tricky remembering the N/w and design layout i am using. So decided to start visio stencils and let me see how many design i gonna change\update as we go. Desktop/Server:– Dell Precision T5810 ,Xeon, 48GB Ram Version-1 Read more about Home Lab – Visio Drawings[…]

Day 2 Day PowerCli scripts @Work

PowerCLi OneLiners :- Please test before you run in production.  #Find HA restarted VM’s Get-Cluster “Cluster-name” | Get-VM | Get-VIEvent | where {$_.FullFormattedMessage -match “vSphere HA restarted virtual machine”} | select ObjectName,CreatedTime,FullFormattedMessage    #Update NTP Servers Get-Cluster “Cluster-Name” | Get-VMHost | Sort Name | %{ $_ | Remove-VMHostNtpServer -NtpServer ($_ | Get-VMHostNtpServer) -Confirm:$false $_ | Read more about Day 2 Day PowerCli scripts @Work[…]

Running Docker Containers Natively on Windows Server 2016 TP-3

As soon as i heard of Microsoft and Docker bonding, i am really interested in trying Native Docker support on Server-2016 technical preview and it took some time to test this due to the busy schedule.. First of all i registered for the Technical preview and downloaded the latest build from Microsoft using the Link Read more about Running Docker Containers Natively on Windows Server 2016 TP-3[…]