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VMware and HPE Firmware/Driver Recipe Depot

HP Depot Link:–  http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/hpq/recipes/   FYI:-  List Current installed Drivers = esxcli software vib list For ESXi Version >= 5.5 Network driver is elxnet:-  vmkload_mod -s elxnet |grep Version For Some adapters Network driver is bnx2x:- Confirm the driver version from verifying the adapter name in HPE-vmware recipe Fc/FCOE  Drivers is  lpfc :-   vmkload_mod -s lpfc |grep Version

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HTML5 Webclient on vCenter Appliance 6.0

Wooho…. Just installed Fling WebClient – HTML5 .. 1) Install OVA from Vmware Labs –> OVA-Link 2) Configure /etc/Hots with vCenter appliance info, Make sure NTP is synched across the Webclient OVA and Vcenter Appliance Server. 3) Run “/etc/init.d/vsphere-client configure –start yes –user root –vc ” on the Webclient OVA 4) Open https://webclinetFQDN:9443/ui