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PowerCli Script to List HPE Driver and Firmware

PowerCli Script to get HPE Driver and Firmware, Its ‘s  been hard coded to BL-460Gen8 and Gen9 and can be changed as per requirement.  $vmhosts = Get-Cluster “ClusterName” | get-vmHost $report = @() foreach( $ESXHost in $vmhosts) { $HWModel = get-vmHost $ESXHost | Select Name, Model $esxcli = Get-ESXcli -vmhost $ESXHost if($HWModel.Model -eq “ProLiant BL460c

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List the ESXi host Storage LUN Path-count, State, and DatastoreName

The below script is from Thank’s to the post ““ I have tweaked the script with few lines,  to list the DataStore Name and Naaid info, so it would be nice to have all objects in single pane of view.  All credits to “Eric Sarakaitis“   Power CLI Script :– $initalTime = Get-Date $date = Get-Date ($initalTime)

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Patch – Update vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 with External PSC’s – CLI

        The Process to patch vCenter Server Appliance’s is pretty straight forward and the below procedure shows the high level Steps involved using CLI to patch to 6.0U3a. For GUI, we can directly login to 5480 and use either check URL (Internet connectivity required, I would only recommended this for HomeLab) or

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Custom SATP Claim Rule-Script for ESXi Host’s connecting to HPE 3PAR

Disclaimer:- The script below is from the Vmware community folks which is tweaked a little to suit my purpose, Also please test before running in production. Reboot is required to claim the LUN’s.  FYI:- In certain cases,  if the LUN is not RR already, running directly the Rule/script and rebooting the Host is not claiming the

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Migration of ESXi Hosts with Running VM’s to New VCenter Server

Below procedure is a standard known procedure and can be scripted as well. The core sequence would be same but differs with the environment. Assumption: – Create of Folders and permissions on the folders already Completed. DRS-Rules if existed are copied/noted. Storage-IO settings/DRS clusters if existed noted. EVC settings verified Exported Existing DV switch to new

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HTML5 Webclient on vCenter Appliance 6.0

Wooho…. Just installed Fling WebClient – HTML5 .. 1) Install OVA from Vmware Labs –> OVA-Link 2) Configure /etc/Hots with vCenter appliance info, Make sure NTP is synched across the Webclient OVA and Vcenter Appliance Server. 3) Run “/etc/init.d/vsphere-client configure –start yes –user root –vc ” on the Webclient OVA 4) Open https://webclinetFQDN:9443/ui