How I Fried my RAID-1 WD-Red disk’s running on QNAP-NAS.

                 I never thought I would be writing a small blog on losing my data, Which is kind of bad. As of 07/07, my two WD-Red-5TB Drives which are in Raid-1 configuration running inside the two bay NAS-TS251 are dead, in the sense they are not powering on, thereby losing all the data. I am usually good at backing up the data multiple places, which I did. But, I lost some of the Tier-2/3 data(NFS-share, VMware images, ISO, tools, Software, Backups,  vmdk’s) which I thought should be good with the R-1. So, how come I lost both drives at the same time by some funky mistake. 
                 It started with me shifting to a new place, I did a clean shutdown of my QNAP-TS251 and removed all power and ethernet cables. Here comes the mystery, I had 3 Intel NUC’s(Two SkullCanyon + One 6I5SYH), connected to the same power strip coming from the UPS.  I packed all three Nucs in a package and then tried to find their power-cables/adapters. Being I already removed all cables, I used my due diligence (at-least tried) and found that two power-adapter looks identical in nature(PIC-1), So I moved them to the NUC package thinking they should be from the Skull Canyon’s. Interestingly, I found the power adapters are not named as intel, but some third-party company Delta which is not so uncommon. It’s now easy for me to find the adapter for third NUC, which is for 6i5syh. I found the same manufacturer(Delta) from the two power adapter’s and moved it to NUC Bag.  Now I moved the remaining power adapter to Qnap-Nas.
                Fast forward, after a week I removed my NAS from the package in my new place, and connected the power adapter and powered on. Boom, NAS is not powering on, I tried different ports and then realized after some troubleshooting, that the QNAP NAS power input is listed as 12V, but my adapter is showing the output as 19V. This confused me because I thought, that’s the only power adapter in the NAS package. I went back and found that the third power adapter in my NUC package is indeed 12V. This confused me, I quickly opened Google/YouTube and saw a couple of unboxing videos to found the grave mistake. Actually, The third adapter I thought of as Intel NUC is indeed Qnap’s. Just for this NUC model(6I5SYH), Intel used different manufacturer and labeling(Pic-2), But coincidentally Qnap also using the same power adapter manufacturer(Delta-Pic3) for its NAS.  I quickly swapped the power adapter and the NAS still not turned on, but after removing the drives, now my NAS itself is working good, But as soon as I pop in the drives the NAS shuts off. I attached these drives to two different desktops to confirm the Red drives burned due to the additional Voltage). Interestingly even though the Drives fried away without any warning, the NAS itself is working good.
                 The whole moral is even for Home Lab’s, Assumption is really bad. I am positive if this scenario happened to Desktop or SMB-Nas, the drives may be protected by power-supply unit or by the motherboard, but being low-cost Home-NAS the voltage is pushed directly to the drives. Anyways my drives are under warranty and even got the certified disks back from WD. Now, it’s time to slowly start the rebuild of HomeLab.



1) Delta PowerAdapter for Intel Skull Canyon NUC’s


2) Power Adapter for  Intel NUC-6I5SYH


3) Delta power Adapter for QNAP