AWS Instance Backup Using Nakivo

                  I finally configured my first AWS Instance backup from my HomeLab and the underlying steps involved is so simple that I had my first backup started in less than 30 Min. From the VMWare Geeks in Twitter,  I have been introduced to Nakivo Backup Appliance.  The feature that interested me about is the AWS backup where I hosted an instance of my current blog running on the word press(small-instance). I do take occasional snapshots within AWS to have the copy of my volumes(10-20GB),  but have to periodically run/script  it.  I had installed Nakivo by simply deploying OVF and logged into the portal(changed/created admin account), From there on  it went pretty seamless and I kind of liked the process of the whole backup workflow where it deploys a small instance(customisable resources)  and only runs it in AWS during backup schedules and transport the data back to my HomeNAS, Even it compresses/De-dupe’s the data pretty well.  The GUI and the transfer speeds back to my Home internet are pretty good. When configuring the AWS Transporter, we have the option to configure new or use existing VPC, The transporter-instance  within AWS takes control of Data transport back to the Nakivo Appliance.  I have created a user within IAM and provided access within the Nakivo appliance. The good thing, its free for Two VM’s/Instances.

The only issue i had is, it shows warning as incremental backup’s is not succeed and have to take Full Backup for the EBS volume, Could be a limitation with EBS volumes.