Monthly Archives: March 2017

Custom SATP Claim Rule-Script for ESXi Host’s connecting to HPE 3PAR

Disclaimer:- The script below is from the Vmware community folks which is tweaked a little to suit my purpose, Also please test before running in production. Reboot is required to claim the LUN’s.  FYI:- In certain cases,  if the LUN is not RR already, running directly the Rule/script and rebooting the Host is not claiming the

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Migration of ESXi Hosts with Running VM’s to New VCenter Server

Below procedure is a standard known procedure and can be scripted as well. The core sequence would be same but differs with the environment. Assumption: – Create of Folders and permissions on the folders already Completed. DRS-Rules if existed are copied/noted. Storage-IO settings/DRS clusters if existed noted. EVC settings verified Exported Existing DV switch to new

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